People who need flood insurance for property at risk from flood can find a local agent by searching the database for the National Flood Insurance Program, found at The program was set up to protect homeowners ... More »

Homeowners can determine the flood zone applicable to their properties by consulting flood insurance rate maps, hiring a flood zone determination company, or requesting a flood zone determination review from the Federal ... More »

Barclays offers home insurance policies for buildings, contents, landlords, student possessions and high-value homes, states Barclays. Additionally, the company offers special flood, storm and subsidence damage policies.... More »

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The National Flood Insurance Program (NIFP) includes a flood insurance calculator on its website,, to help consumers estimate their flood insurance premiums and exposure to flood risk. The NFIP is administ... More »

Some features available to customers with a policy from UPC Insurance include coverage in the event of a natural disaster that damages the home, flood insurance and protection against theft of property, as of 2015. The c... More »

Homeowners living in a high-risk flood zone are often required to take out a flood insurance policy in addition to their regular homeowners insurance policy, according to SFGate. A homeowner is only able to buy flood ins... More »

To apply for flood insurance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, find an approved insurance agent, fill out the correct paperwork with your specific coverage requests, and pay the yearly premium for... More »