A flood insurance rate map, or FIRM, is the official map that outlines a community's floodplain boundaries, flood elevations and flood zones. FIRMs, created by the National Flood Insurance Program, are used by property o... More » Business & Finance Insurance

The Flood Insurance Rate Maps produced by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Association, highlight flood-risk and hazard areas. The maps also designate the areas where insurance premiums are higher due to the flood ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency produces and distributes all official flood plain maps, which are available on the website as well as from most insurance agencies and county planning commissions. The FEM... More »

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency determines base flood elevations and publishes them in its Flood Insurance Rate Map, or FIRM, which designates special hazard areas and the risk premium zones for your community. S... More » Art & Literature Architecture

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identifies flood zones by assessing the risks present in certain areas, including storm tides, river flow and rainfall, among other statistics, according to the FEMA website... More » Business & Finance Insurance

A flood risk assessment evaluates an area for its potential to experience flooding and damage within 100-year flood zones that governments designate, according to ArcGIS. Flood risk assessment maps show natural and man-m... More » Business & Finance Insurance

American Strategic Insurance offers builder's risk, commercial, condominium owners, flood and homeowners insurance, according to American Strategic Insurance. The company also offers investment, renters, seasonal and umb... More » Business & Finance Insurance