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In project management, float or slack is the amount of time that a task in a project network can be delayed without causing a delay to: . subsequent tasks ("free float")project completion date ("total float").Total float is associated with the path. If a project network chart/diagram has 4 non-critical paths then that project would have 4 total float values.


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Float in project management express the flexibility that the project manager has in order to deal with delays in activities, and still be able to complete the project on time. In order to understand the float in project management, you need fist understand the following concepts. What type of dependencies exist the project management?


float (project float, slack): Project float, also known as slack, is the amount of time by which a given task within a project can be delayed before it impacts the deadline for the project.


In project management, “float” or “slack” is the amount of time that a task can be delayed without affecting the deadlines of other subsequent tasks, or the project’s final delivery date. The former is called “free float”, and the latter is called “total float”.


To calculate total project float, begin at the start date and add the duration of each activity in each possible path through the network diagram, including nonworking days from the resource calendars, to determine the early project end date. The longest path through the network is the critical path.


Float project management slots nicely alongside other styles of project management and works as a way of identifying “float” or “slack” time in your project timelines. Float or slack is the amount of time a project or task can be delayed without it impacting the overall deadline or other tasks in the project.


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Save time and money on projects by using float. Project Management Quarterly, 14(4), 46–49. Reprints and Permissions Sydney F. Love Advanced Professional Development Institute. One of the great tools for schedule management is the analysis by a CPM/PERT network of what will or could happen. ... To make the Project Management Institute's new ...


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