The status of AeroMexico flights may be obtained by visiting the airline homepage at and selecting 'Flight status' from the 'TOOLS' header. At the ensuing page, travelers enter their flight number in the s... More » Geography

The status of particular flight can be checked by using an online flight tracking website, such as FlightStats or FlightView, by entering flight information as well as the departure date. These websites also generally al... More » Technology Internet & Networking

You can check the status of a JetBlue flight by going directly to the JetBlue website. Click on the link "Manage flights" and from there, click on "Check flight status". You can check the flight status information of a f... More » Geography
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Aeromexico passengers can check in for flights online, at automated kiosks in the airport, or with airline agents at the airport. Passengers are allowed to check in 48 hours in advance when doing so online, or up to thre... More » Geography

Check upcoming Air Canada flight itineraries and times, the statuses of your booked flights, and your flight routes on the airline's official website at The website also provides travel alerts and cancella... More » Geography

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The US Airways Dividend Miles program is a customer, miles-based reward program that allows members to earn free flights, flight class upgrades, charitable-giving opportunities and magazines as incentives for frequent bu... More » Geography