Run the tail light wires in a protected place, lower the bed on the rails, bolt the bed in position and connect the tail lights are the steps for installing a flatbed on a Dodge truck. Purchase the correct flatbed for th... More »

Flatbed truck beds can be purchased from various dealers of popular brands, such as CM Truck Beds or Hillsboro, or from local truck and trailer yards. These locations sell beds and parts for flatbed trucks, as well as fl... More »

One of the most common uses of flatbed trucks is to transport other vehicles after accidents or breakdowns. They are used to haul a wide variety of freight locally and in long-haul trucking. More »

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To install a Dodge pickup truck bed, lower the bed onto the frame, lift the truck, bolt the bed in place, connect the tail lights and attach the gas tank tube assembly. The tools needed for the installation include a set... More »

To install the replacement dashboard in a Dodge truck, remove the front panel, radio, stereo box and gauge cluster, disconnect all the wiring, take out the dashboard, and replace it with a new one. Finally, reassemble th... More »

Summit Racing Equipment, JC Whitney and Mopar Parts Overstock sell Dodge truck wiring harnesses, as of 2015. Other sources for Dodge wiring harnesses include eBay and More »

Dodge truck parts can be ordered by part number, application, year, make and model, part description, or vehicle identification number. Parts are available from online retailers such as, AutoPartsWare... More »