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A flat iron steak is a steak cut from the shoulder of the cow. The cut of meat the steak comes from is dissected by a band of tough connective tissue, and scientists figured out a way to remove it and create the flat iron steak.


Flat iron steak is suitable for grilling and pan frying. It can benefit from marinating and should not be cooked past medium for best texture and taste.


Food.com offers a recipe for grilled flat-iron steak, and MarthaStewart.com features a recipe for seared flat-iron steak with wine sauce. You can cook either recipe in a cast-iron skillet or heavy-bottomed skillet or on a grill.


To use a flat iron, apply a styling cream and heat-protective spray to damp hair, dry your hair thoroughly, and iron your hair in 1-inch sections, working through each layer. Rub a serum gloss on your hair for extra shine and to keep hair in place once it is ironed.


Properly seasoning a steak before cooking involves the liberal use of Kosher salt, black pepper and olive oil. These ingredients bring out the flavor of the meat rather than masking it.


To flat iron your hair, apply thermal protectant, comb the product through, separate a 1-inch section, pull the iron from the roots to the tips, and repeat with the rest of the hair. This 45-minute procedure requires thermal protectant, a styling comb, a hair clip and a mirror.


To clean a flat iron, allow it to cool down, wipe it with a damp cloth, wipe it with rubbing alcohol, and follow with a damp cloth. Use a cotton swab to reach tiny spaces you might have missed, and repeat the process until all the residue is gone.


A standard side dish that is served with steak is potato. Mashed, baked, fried and roasted potatoes are popular sides as well as French fries.


The temperature of a flat iron varies depending on the specific model and setting, though the general range is between 175 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Some websites, such as Overstock, sell flat irons with a maximum heat setting of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


A 3-ounce grilled beef steak has between 20 and 26 grams of protein according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Protein value varies according to the cut and fat content of the beef.