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Flashes in the outer corner of the eye may be the result of a detached retina, vitreous detachment or an ocular migraine. These conditions are usually considered medical emergencies.


There are a few conditions that can cause a person to see white flashes, including a retinal detachment, vitreous detachment and an ocular migraine. White flashes of light in a person's peripheral vision are symptoms of these three conditions.


Flashes of light in the eyes are caused by migraine headaches, the shrinking of the vitreous humor in the eye or a torn retina, says MedicineNet. Most incidences of flashing lights are not serious, but if they are sudden and frequent, the patient should see his eye doct...


According to Stanford Children's Health, the inside corner of the eye is called the lacrimal caruncle. This small pink nodule is made of modified oil and sweat glands, and it may become inflamed and itchy in response to allergies.


People over the age of 50 and people who suffer from migraines are more likely to suffer eye flashes, according to VisionWeb. Individuals who suffer trauma to the head or blood vessel spasms in the brain may also experience eye flashes.


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Most eye flashes, or floaters, are harmless and do not require treatment, according to the National Eye Institute. However a sudden increase in floaters or loss of peripheral vision may indicate retinal detachment, which can lead to blindness. Treatment options include ...