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How do you fix a scratched game disc? You take the game disc out to play it and there is a giant scratch going through the “read” side of the disc. You put the game in your console and it won’t start. ... These methods will work on ALL game discs including discs for the Xbox ONE, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, and PS4.


How to Fix Scratched PS2 Games. At one time or another, there will be a point where we will have to fix our video game disc. This may be due to our rough use, our friend's rough use, whatever. A scratched game disc will be quite irritating...


This method is designed to combat light damage by polishing away the surrounding areas. If your disk is severely damaged, you won’t be able to polish it deeply enough to “remove” the scratches without damaging the disk in the process. If this is the case, explore additional disk-repair options.


The "repair" fluid is a mild abrasive and I've found does a great job of polishing scratches out of CDs. I'm not entirely sure what's in it but it's a similar colour to Brasso and T-Cut, and I've used T-Cut to polish discs with good results too (but make sure I clean up the disc thoroughly afterwards to ensure there is no residue left).


Whether it is from an accident or carelessness, video game discs seem to get scratched more often than not. To help preserve a PS2 game from skipping or becoming unplayable, there is an at-home technique you can apply to repair a scratched game disc. The process is simple and takes only about 10 minutes to accomplish.


To fix a scratched PS2 disc with toothpaste, rinse the disc, and rub toothpaste on it to polish out the scratches. Test the disc. Rinse the disc. Rinse off the disc with water to remove any dust and grit. Locate the scratches. Polish with toothpaste. Use toothpaste as a mild abrasive to polish out the scratches.


Wipe the disc. Start from the inside and wash toward the outside of the disc. Complete this for the entire PS2 disc. Do not clean in a circle around the disc because that will cause dirt to become stuck in the groves as well as add to the scratches.


I used bought a PS2 slim from CL and the bundle came with 14 games many or which are scratched and won't play. I knew this going in so now I need the best way to fix the games so they play.