To fix damaged hair, soak the hair before shampooing, apply leave-in conditioner, coat the hair with argan oil, comb it gently and style it without heat. This daily process takes about two hours, and requires microfiber ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Once hair is physically or chemically damaged, the change is permanent, and any treatment promising restoration is actually only a temporary cosmetic fix. Cutting off the heat-damaged ends before the damage travels farth... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

The only way to truly repair chemically damaged hair is to cut it off. Short of that dramatic step, a weekly ultrarich conditioning treatment is one of the best ways to heal dry, damaged hair More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Chemical Hair Treatments

The most effective ways to care for damaged hair include limiting use of chemicals such as relaxers, hair dye and perms, and stopping or reducing use of styling tools such as curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons. In... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Washing the hair with warm instead of hot water, applying avocado to the hair, using a different shampoo, applying more conditioner, applying olive oil and aloe gel, brushing the hair less often, refraining from heat sty... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To get shiny hair, wash, condition and glaze your hair, apply leave-in conditioner, apply coconut oil and wash it out. Repeat this process four times a week. The required supplies are shampoo, conditioner, hair glaze, a ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Taking care of naturally black hair requires using a good leave-in conditioner to combat the hair's natural dryness. People with this hair type should also use products that moisturize and strengthen their hair. Some goo... More »