A five-sided polygon, with five vertices and five angles, is called a pentagon. The word pentagon is derived from the Greek words "pente" and "gonia," which mean "five" and "angle." More »

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A pentagon is the name for a five-sided polygon. However, there are different types of five-sided polygons, such as irregular, regular, concave and convex pentagons. More »

A five-sided polygon is called a pentagon. A pentagon also has five vertices and five interior angles, which add up to a total of 540 degrees. More »

The polygon with 1,000 sides, 1,000 vertices and 1,000 angles is called a chiliagon or a 1,000-gon. The term "chiliagon," with a Greek-derived prefix meaning “thousand,” is a proposed name for the 1,000-sided, two-dimens... More »

A pentagon has five vertices. In geometry, a vertex is the point of meeting of two or more straight lines. The term "vertex" comes from Latin and has the plural "vertices." More »

To calculate the area of a regular pentagon, the perimeter of the polygon is multiplied by the apothem and the result is divided in half. The mathematical formula for the calculation is area = (apothem x perimeter)/2. More »

A polygon is identified based on the number of its sides and vertices. Polygons are made of straight lines, called edges or sides, that meet in corners to form a closed circuit. The least number of sides needed to form a... More »