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For Saturday’s Weird Animal Question of the Week, Ving Salcedo asked what type of fish can live without water for a small period of time.It turns out quite a few have a fin in both worlds.


Many fish not only survive, but thrive, in freezing temperatures. Fish have a body temperature almost identical to that of the water, so no energy is wasted in heat loss.


A tropical fish that lives in mangrove swamps across the Americas can survive out of water for months at a time, similar to how animals adapted to land millions of years ago, a new study shows.


How long a fish can live out of water depends on the species of fish, as some fish can survive for up to a few days while others can only survive for minutes. The fish that can survive for a few days without water do so by breathing the air or by absorbing it through skin.


How long can a goldfish survive out of water? feelings of great guilt. ... How long would he have survived out of water? Five minutes? An hour? I'm so broken up. I thought he would be with me for years to come. ... Casper,she was my favorite fish in 20 years. She died in an accident that I could not prevent and after three years, I still miss ...


Some fish (members of the infamous Channa genus come to mind) can live for a few days out of water if they stay moist and be OK when they return to the water. Other fish, like lungfish, can stay buried in the earth for months in a mucous cocoon of sorts, waiting for the rains to bring back the water.


It depends on the fish. There is a fish that can survive years out of the water. It is the Lung Fish. I believe the fish is from Africa, in a desert area. It comes out feeds and breeds durring the rainy season, but buries its self when the water recedes.


Fish that evolved to survive in water with low oxygen content--stagnant puddles, for example--will last out of water a lot longer than, say, coral reef denizens, which are dependent on hyperoxygenated water (due to wave action on the reefs putting more air into solution in the water than still water can support).


I ask this because I am a photographer, and in a studio photo-shoot I don't want to kill a fish. But I need it live, and out of water, to flop around for the photo. ... What fish survives the longest out of water? ... Demon Wolf Empress · 8 years ago . 3. Thumbs up. 2. Thumbs down.


This is a fantastic video...Must Watch till end and you will be amazed by seeing that how a fish remain alive for 4 years Without Water.