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Aquarium backgrounds can be installed by selecting a pattern, cutting it to size, taping it to the outside of the aquarium and trimming to fit. Most aquarium backgrounds come in standard aquarium sizes or can be purchased by length. The background is usually a repeated aquatic pattern with an opaque


The Pets Game and Gamebrew websites offer good fish aquarium games for players to enjoy online. These games are available to play for free and registration isn't required.


Large aquariums, like 150-gallon tanks, are found through a host of outlets, with the three most common being online retailers, custom aquarium designers and pet stores. Many retail stores do sell 150-gallon tanks due to their physical size. Most retail outlets will need to order the tank from one o


Some freshwater aquarium sharks include the redtail, rainbow and Bala sharks. Redtail sharks require a minimum tank size of 50 gallons and a moderate level of care. They are characterized by jet black bodies and a bright red tail with a white-tipped dorsal fin.


Clean your aquarium rocks to keep your fish healthy. You need several buckets, a hose, tap water, a cup, a net, a sponge or a scrub brush, and paper towels.


To care for aquarium catfish, hobbyists should provide them with adequate edible materials and line the bottom of the tank with soft substrates and hiding places. By treating sickly catfish and cleaning the aquarium, individuals prevent the spread of infections. Hobbyists should avoid stirring up th


Aquarium vacuums, or hydro-vacuums, are used to clean the interior of aquariums during water changes. Over time, matter builds up inside from uneaten fish flakes, animal waste and other biological materials. It is important to remove this excess debris to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria and fung


Plants that grow well inside low-light aquariums, such as those with only a single strip of fluorescent lighting, include java moss, java ferns, anubias and Christmas moss. Even low-light plants require about 12 hours a day of light; they simply require a lower wattage than other plants.


When setting up a saltwater aquarium, spend time researching which fish you want living in it and the right kind of tank for those fish. Some considerations are whether or not to have a reef system, and whether you want one large predator or numerous fish of varying sizes. Since saltwater aquariums


The Georgia Aquarium is located at 225 Baker Street NW in Atlanta, Georgia. It is in downtown Atlanta and is across from Centennial Olympic Park.