articles and are two online resources that provide the meanings of first names. Both sites have a large selection of names to choose from, including lists of names by category, such as Ameri... More » Family Genealogy is a good online resource for finding name meanings, according to an article about baby naming websites on This website allows visitors to look up name meanings and find names that have s... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

Names of demons originating in Abrahamic faith traditions include Satan, Lilith, Beelzebub and Moloch. Other demons' names include Mara, from Buddhism, and Tlaltecuhtli, from Aztec mythology. More » Art & Literature Folklore Mythology
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A simple search of the Internet will yield web sites devoted to family crests and coat of arms representations; is one such site, and is another. Books published from Europe by the "... More » Family Genealogy provides an extensive database of last names, their meanings and histories. also has a genealogy section with a surname database, including countries of origin for names. Once you know yo... More » Family Genealogy is a website that allows a user to search for pictures and information related to his family crest, coat of arms and shield. The site allows a user to search a name and then print out the image of his... More » Family Genealogy

A variety of companies and other sources offer online guides to heraldry and interpreting family crests, including Genes Reunited, ML Mural Art and These guides include the meanings of both symbols... More » Family Genealogy