articles and are two online resources that provide the meanings of first names. Both sites have a large selection of names to choose from, including lists of names by category, such as Ameri... More » Family Genealogy is a good online resource for finding name meanings, according to an article about baby naming websites on This website allows visitors to look up name meanings and find names that have s... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

To find the meaning of names, type any name into an online database of name meanings., and are a few examples. There are also books of names that give the meaning of thous... More » Education
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Some websites that offer information on the history and meanings of names include Behind the Name and Both sites offer searchable databases containing information on a large selection of names. More » Education

Many common first names originate from Hebrew tradition due to the popularity and influence of Judeo-Christian religions. Other common first names have Greek, English and Germanic origins. More » Family Genealogy is a comprehensive database of name origins and meanings and includes a Biblical Names section covering many Christian names that appear in the Bible. For each Christian name, provides... More » World View Religion Christianity

The Quranic girl name "Wasiyyah" means "will," "behest" and "tenet" and is pronounced wu-see-yu. "Rabiah" means “fourth," "firmly set in place" and "stable." When used to describe the season of spring, "Rabiah" means “ra... More » Family Genealogy