Some fireplace designs include hearth fireplaces, stand-alone fireplaces and modern fireplaces. Other designs of fireplaces include traditional mantels, vintage hearths, rustic impressions or even storage fireplace desig... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

To build a raised fireplace hearth, research local building codes, make a plan, install the platform and apply a noncombustible surface. Tile, stone, granite, bricks and other noncombustible surfaces are ideal for firepl... More »

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The generic term "Heatilator" is used to refer to metal fireplaces with built-in ventilation systems that heat and circulate room air. This type of fireplace, also referred to as a "metal zero-clearance fireplace," was f... More »

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Clean glass gas fireplaces with a fireplace glass cleaner. For water spots, use an appropriate glass cleaner with mild abrasives. Soot buildup on glass is a sign of incomplete combustion. Contact a hearth professional fo... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling