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Although Firefox is set up to update automatically by default, updating it manually involves clicking on About Firefox on the Firefox menu bar, and then clicking on the Restart to Update button. This process only takes a few minutes to do.


Mozilla Firefox, usually shortened to Firefox, is the name of the Web browser that the Mozilla Foundation makes. It's an open source tool that's available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, and is also the default search engine on Yahoo.


You can set Firefox as your homepage by dragging a tab with the Firefox homepage open to the home icon in your browser.


Click the Use Current Pages button in the Firefox preferences to set the current page as the home page. You can also enter a URL address in the text field or drag and drop a Web page onto the Home icon to set the home page.


To uninstall Firefox in Windows 7, access the Programs and Features section via the Control Panel, and remove it from the list. Locate the installation folder of Firefox, and manually delete the remaining files. Go to the APPDATA folder, and remove the user and data set...


Use the Reset option within the Troubleshooting section to reset Firefox to factory defaults. You need Firefox installed on your computer to begin.


Change your default home page in Firefox using the options in the Preferences section. You can also drag and drop an open tab onto the Home icon; this allows you to change the home page without using the Preferences section. You need an Internet-ready computer with Fire...