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Phone numbers for fire stations can be looked up on the website of the city or town or on the yellow pages. The print version or the website of Yellow Pages can be used to find the phone number of a local fire station. .


The general information phone number for Union Station in Washington D.C. is (202) 289-1908. The station is located at 50 Massachusetts Avenue Northeast. It is a major transportation hub for the city as well as a center with retail stores, restaurants and an open market.


As of 2015, there is no website that lists every radio station and their phone numbers. Try manually searching each radio station for their numbers. This makes it easy to compose a list of them.


The Free Dictionary defines a fire command station as the principal location where the statuses of a fire detection system, an alarm system and a communications-and-control system are displayed and from which all systems can be manually controlled. Each state in the U.S. has its own codes and regula


To find fire stations nearby, access the website of the city or town, visit the local town or city hall in the area, or look through the yellow pages to find the contact details. Alternatively, call 411 or 311 to get in touch with a fire station automatically.


Fire station plans, such as those from Whole Building Design and Carver Fire, often include fire truck garages, lobbies, training areas and administration areas. Additional features may include kitchens, bunk rooms, two-storey living spaces and bathrooms. Some websites offer free consultation on fir


Search for the nearest fire station to any address using the search tools on FireDepartment.net or HomeFacts.com. Neither websites is comprehensive, but both feature thousands of individual fire stations, covering most U.S. cities.


HomeFacts.com provides a fire station search tool that calculates the distance between any U.S. address and the fire stations nearest to it. You can search for fire stations by individual postal address, ZIP code or city. The U.S. Fire Administration provides additional information about local fire


Basic concepts of fire station design promote a good quality of life for occupants, maintain a safe and healthy environment and incorporate flexibility for future growth, according to Whole Building Design Guide. Prime considerations include configuration and location of dormitories and office space


In general, phone numbers are not free. Phone numbers are controlled by various phone companies. To have a phone number assigned to you, someone must pay for phone service. To call any phone number, an active phone service must be in use.