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In Windows 8.1 and RT 8.1, swipe in from the right side of the screen, tap "Search" and enter "Control Panel" in the search field to open Control Panel. If you're using a mouse, point at the top right corner of the screen, bring the pointer down and click "Search."


There are multiple ways to access the Control Panel on Windows 8, but one simple way is to simply right-click on the lower left-hand corner of the screen to reveal the Quick Access Menu. The Quick Access Menu includes a link to the Control Panel.


A class A fire is a fire involving ordinary combustible materials. These materials include cloth, wood, paper, rubber and many plastics. Fire extinguishers labeled with the letter A are designed for use on such fires.


Some of the most highly rated solar panels, as of 2015, are the Kyocera KD315GX-LPB and Canadian Solar CS6X-305M, according to LiveScience. The Grape Solar 390W panels are also well-reviewed.


A Class 1, or Class A, fire rating means that the building material is highly resistant to fire and does not spread flames quickly. In the flame-spread rating test, a score of 0 to 25 constitutes a Class 1 rating. The score is relative and balanced between asbestos cement sheet, with a score of 0, a


As of 2015, some highly rated siding panels for mobile homes include Dry Rock Panel Siding and Texture Plus Siding Panels. The HardiePanel vertical siding panel adds visual punch to the design of the house. Its clean lines make it a suitable choice for strong contemporary designs.


On a computer running Windows, access the control panel from the desktop by pointing your mouse at the top-right corner of the screen and dragging it down toward the center. Click on Search, type "control panel" into the search box, and click on the Control Panel icon. For touch-screen computers run


The control panel is another name for a vehicle's dashboard, which houses indicators and instruments needed for a driver to safely operate the vehicle. The control panel has warning lights, a tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges, along with several other instruments that alert the driver of the v


The Coavas designer floral vinyl adhesive + free decorative window film for home 17.7 by 78.7 inches, the Coach Model AP143199 house accents simulated garage door window, white and the Artscape Model 01-0157 savannah decorative window film 24 by 36 inches are some of the highly rated decorative wind


One-hour fire-rated wall boards include Sheetrock Brand Ultralight FirecodeX Gypsum panels, Durock Brand Cement Board Next Gen, and Sheetrock Brand Firecode Core - Type X. Wall board assemblies consist of wood, steel or concrete block framing, insulation and gypsum wall board. These materials, combi