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Fire-rated doors are an important component of your building's fire protection system. Annual fire door inspection is a required, this app makes it easy.


Use this free PDF checklist to ensure compliance with NFPA standards. A fire door inspection is an initial step in ensuring fire safety compliance in any ...


FIRE INSPECTORS CHECKLIST. 13 Things To Look For While. Conducting a Fire Door Inspection ... Interior fire doors must have fuselinks/smoke detectors, with.


Sep 18, 2020 ... Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, requires periodic inspections for fire doors. Read our guide to fire door maintenance and use our ...


FIRE DOORS — 13 INSPECTION POINTS PER NFPA 80 (2013) Swinging fire doors with builders hardware will be inspected to verify the following:.


Is the door identified ? · What is the door location? · Is the route from the door to a place of safety direct and unobstructed? · Does the door leaf sit again...


The Fire Inspectors Checklist, below, was created to aid your fire door ... responsibility to have all fire doors and shutters inspected and drop.


This checklist can help health care facilities inspect fire doors to ensure compliance with Joint Commission standard LS.02.01.10.


What are the basic criteria that are verified during a fire door assembly inspection? · 1. Labels are present and legible. · 2. No holes or breaks in the door or ...


Keep your facility compliant with NFPA80 fire door inspections. ... Fire Rated Walls & Hinges; 13-Point Fire Door Inspection Checklist (see below).


13 Points Fire doors inspection checklist · Holes or openings in the fire door assembly · Improper gaps · Missing labels · Failure of latching hardware ...