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Grants are given to assist local fire/disaster victims, fire prevention education, volunteer fire department equipment purchase, and community safety ...


A listing of organizations offering Fire or EMS Grants. Please visit the sites for more information.


Departments can apply for funding of wildland fire related training, equipment, and fire prevention activities up to $20,000 annually.


Community Facilities Loans and Grants Program Offers loans and grants to construct, enlarge, extend, or otherwise improve ...


The following organizations may be considered eligible for grant funding: ... Equipment: Purchase or repair of firefighting, ambulance, or rescue equipment.


Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Eligibility. Grants can be used for: Purchase of wildfire suppression equipment. Wildfire protective gear.


If your department is looking for grant writers or is applying for grants, you have come ... on all kinds of fire and rescue products, equipment and services.


Grants for fire departments, EMS organizations, and fire academies for equipment, training, personnel wellness programs, capital funding, ...


If your department is looking for additional funding to ensure your firefighters have all the necessary equipment to do their job and stay safe while doing ...


Firefighter Grants. Fire department grants support departments looking to update and replace aging equipment and vehicles, and to hire the staff necessary ...


Grants for fire departments that can help pay for expenses such as equipment, apparatus, training and salaries.