To start a fire in a fire pit, ignite the tinder, add kindling, and then carefully stack wood on top. Stacking the wood properly makes a fire that starts easily and burns well. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Historians believe fire first appeared in the world approximately 1 million years ago when inhabitants of Africa created fires for cooking food. The use of fires remained within the confines of Africa's borders for appro... More » History Prehistory

The Ring of Fire is located around the Pacific Ocean, typically drawn on a map as an outline that spans from the western coast of North America to the eastern coast of Asia, Russia and Australia. While it is named a ring... More » Geography Bodies of Water
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To start a fire with sticks, collect a sharp cutting tool, tinder, kindling and wood. Make a plow and base used to create the friction necessary to make burning embers. Rub the plow back and forth along the base until em... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure Camping

Build a fire pit by choosing the area, laying out stone pavers, digging the ground inside the paver area, pouring and leveling sand and stacking concrete wall stones. The materials needed include white concrete pavers, c... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

The essential points of a fire pit are to make a foundation and build up a wall around it to contain a fire. This can be achieved with or without using mortar. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

A fire pit cover protects the structure against the elements. There are several ways of making a fire pit cover, either with fabric or wood. According to, anyone with basic sewing skills can make a fire ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor