To start a fire in a fire pit, ignite the tinder, add kindling, and then carefully stack wood on top. Stacking the wood properly makes a fire that starts easily and burns well. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

The first step in the process of firing an employee is to give him sufficient warnings that he is failing to meet the company's expectations. Assess the employee's performance and if it does not improve accordingly, the ... More »

For a fire to burn, it needs oxygen, fuel and heat. Without these three components, a fire cannot begin or continue to burn. More » Science Chemistry States of Matter
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To start a fire with sticks, collect a sharp cutting tool, tinder, kindling and wood. Make a plow and base used to create the friction necessary to make burning embers. Rub the plow back and forth along the base until em... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure Camping

To start a fire, choose a location, make a fire pit, gather firewood, and ignite the fire using a magnifying lens and tinder. You need pine needles, twigs, logs, large branches and rocks to successfully make a fire. Avoi... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure Camping

A fire pit cover protects the structure against the elements. There are several ways of making a fire pit cover, either with fabric or wood. According to, anyone with basic sewing skills can make a fire ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Some interesting deck layout plans include the one with two-stories, one with an open space, partial pergola covering a hot tub and a built-in sauna space and a deck design with a separated fire pit and conversation area... More » Home & Garden Outdoor