Finger knitting a scarf is the process of making a scarf out of yarn by using your fingers to loop the yarn into a pattern. Finger knitting is a way to knit without using traditional knitting needles. More »

Some good scarf knitting patterns are the simple stockinette, the chunky knit, the purse stitch and the cable knit. Following the directions for any one of these patterns results in a scarf that is functional and beautif... More »

The knit stitch is often used in an infinity scarf pattern, but the purl stitch will also be used in many patterns. Depending on the desired finished look of the scarf, the knitter has countless ways to combine these sti... More »

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To finger-knit a scarf, hold yarn between the thumb and index finger and wrap it around all the four fingers. Let the yarn run across the four fingers, and push the yarn loops over this yarn on each finger. Repeat the pr... More »

To crochet an infinity scarf, use a crochet hook and your favorite yarn to make stitches in a desired shape or pattern. Once the basic scarf is complete, sew the two ends together to make one continuous piece. More »

To crochet a scarf, you need a crochet hook, yarn, a pattern to follow and any accessories you wish to adhere to the scarf, such as buttons or patches. A variety of patterns is available for free through AllFreeCrochet.c... More »

To finger knit a chain, weave the yarn over and under the fingers twice, loop the yarn all the way around the fingers, pull the loops over and continue the process until the desired length is achieved. Finger knitting ta... More »