The BBC has simple and easy to follow recipes for both savory and sweet finger food ideas for parties. Each recipe makes around 20 canapés. More » Food Cooking

Finger foods that are good for tailgate parties include mini corn dogs, jalapeño poppers, spring rolls, chicken wings and sliders. Savory dips such as guacamole and crab dip are also a good addition. More » Food Cooking

To make a kids’ party mix, combine 1 cup each of Kix cereal, miniature marshmallows, goldfish crackers and chocolate Teddy bear graham crackers. Add 2/3 cup each of M & M’s and raisins or craisins, and divide between six... More » Food Cooking

Some of the most popular food choices for Super Bowl parties are barbecued ribs, chicken wings, chili, dips and hot dogs. Nachos, tacos and fajitas are also popular options. Other possible choices include burgers, mozzar... More » Food Cooking

Some good recipes for homemade mincemeat include mincemeat pie from the Food Network, homemade mincemeat from SFGate and BBC's traditional mincemeat. Each of the recipes calls for suet, a hard fat that can be found at a ... More » Food Cooking

As of November 2015, recipes seen on the "Saturday Kitchen" show are accessible from the BBC's website under Food Programmes. Recipe titles from the latest episode link to full instructions. More » Food Cooking

Some good recipes for homemade lemon cheesecake are Lemon Cheesecake from BBC, Joanne's Almost Fat-free Lemon Cheesecake featured on the Food Network and Food & Wine's Lemon Ripple Cheesecake Bars. Another good recipe is... More » Food Cooking