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To make a kids’ party mix, combine 1 cup each of Kix cereal, miniature marshmallows, goldfish crackers and chocolate Teddy bear graham crackers. Add 2/3 cup each of M & M’s and raisins or craisins, and divide between six to eight treat bags.


Some good cold finger foods for parties are tomato and mozzarella bites and shrimp cocktail, which is cold fresh shrimp served with cocktail sauce. Another cold finger food to serve is watermelon squares topped with feta cheese.


Finger food for office parties includes items such as mini tarts, quiches, beef and lettuce cups, flavored olives, meringues, sliders and small sandwiches and meatballs. For parties, people have many options for serving finger foods, and they might serve food in themes, such as Southern cuisine, or


The BBC has simple and easy to follow recipes for both savory and sweet finger food ideas for parties. Each recipe makes around 20 canapés.


Fast and simple finger foods for parties can include dips, salsa, bruschetta, cheese balls, small sandwiches and more. Hosts generally serve a variety of appetizers to guests, meeting all taste preferences and dietary requirements. For a healthy, light offering, grilled fruit and vegetable sticks wi


Finger foods that are good for tailgate parties include mini corn dogs, jalapeño poppers, spring rolls, chicken wings and sliders. Savory dips such as guacamole and crab dip are also a good addition.


Bacon wrapped potatoes, sausage cheddar balls and crab salad canapés are great cocktail party finger foods. Cook these items ahead of time, and serve them at room temperature. Other finger food choices include stuffed mushrooms, crab puffs and sushi.


People have many choices for party appetizers and finger foods to serve guests, ranging from simple samples of sliced fruit or vegetable sticks with dips to spiced butternut soup, sesame salmon croquettes and chicken pot stickers. When preparing for parties, hosts may serve a range of appetizers mee


Some good foods for parties include grilled skewers, cheese appetizers and prepared nuts. These dishes are ideal for a party because they are not only delicious, but they are also easy to prepare, transport and snack on.


Ideas and themes for a party for kids include a little princess tea party complete with dress-up gowns, tiaras and a designated table for tea time or a superhero party where guests are asked to dress as their favorite hero or cartoon character. Another idea is a puppy dog party where guests are invi