To find a literary agent, list agents who represent authors of books published in the past year or two that you enjoyed or that fit your genre. Write a query letter to each agent. If they show interest, send a few chapte... More » Art & Literature Literature

To obtain a literary agent, begin by examining books similar to the work that needs publication and scan the acknowledgements to find their specific agents. Send the agents a proposal and sample of the work with a reques... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

To find a literary agent, an unpublished writer can consult references such as AgentQuery or a current edition of "Writer's Market," attend writer's conferences or research who represents her favorite writers. As of Nove... More » Art & Literature Literature
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Some different ways to order books in a library include alphabetically, chronologically, by genre or by color. When organizing alphabetically, a person can order books by title or the authors' first or last names. More » Art & Literature Literature

Among Edgar Allen Poe's achievements, his contributions to the science fiction genre and invention of the modern detective genre are commonly thought of as the greatest. He is often referred to as the "Father of the Dete... More » Art & Literature Literature

Satire is commonly defined as a literary genre in which comedic forms, as well as ridicule and exaggeration, are used to focus on human weakness and societal problems. Comedic satire also appears in film, poetry and tele... More » Art & Literature Literature

For a book to be a New York Times Best Seller, it must be the most sold book in the United States of its genre within a certain week. The list of New York Times Best Sellers is published weekly in the Sunday edition of t... More » Art & Literature Literature