To find a literary agent, list agents who represent authors of books published in the past year or two that you enjoyed or that fit your genre. Write a query letter to each agent. If they show interest, send a few chapte... More » Art & Literature Literature

To obtain a literary agent, begin by examining books similar to the work that needs publication and scan the acknowledgements to find their specific agents. Send the agents a proposal and sample of the work with a reques... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

To find a literary agent, an unpublished writer can consult references such as AgentQuery or a current edition of "Writer's Market," attend writer's conferences or research who represents her favorite writers. As of Nove... More » Art & Literature Literature
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The defining characteristics of the novel genre include a long, fictional story comprised of characters, events and actions that have a definite beginning and an eventual end. The novel genre has several sub-categories t... More » Art & Literature Literature

Novels, also termed "fiction," may be categorized as literary, mainstream or genre. Literary novels focus on characters' internal experiences and personal journeys. They are often critically acclaimed for both subject ma... More » Art & Literature Literature

Satire is commonly defined as a literary genre in which comedic forms, as well as ridicule and exaggeration, are used to focus on human weakness and societal problems. Comedic satire also appears in film, poetry and tele... More » Art & Literature Literature

Teach about the different genres in literature by having students write down the different aspects of each genre from a presentation. Another option is reading specific excerpts and having students define what genre the ... More » Art & Literature Literature