Estimates tend to indicate that about one in every 10,000 clovers have four leaves. As far as true clover is concerned, the three-leaf variety is much more common than the four-leaf kind, which is why finding a clover wi... More »

Preserve the delicate structure of a four-leaf clover by covering the plant with a combination of borax and cornmeal in a shoebox. Let the clover sit for seven days, carefully remove it from the mixture, and store it in ... More »

The five locations at which a player can find the four-leaf clovers in "Bearville" are Friendship Forest Park, the Entrance, the Pawsitively Green Center, outside of Maxine Clark's cub condo as well as at Town Square. As... More »

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When palm reading, select a hand to work with; your dominant hand provides insight into work life and the impression you give to the world about you. Your other hand gives insight into relationships, dreams and emotional... More »

A person's true color aura is the color of the electromagnetic field surrounding the body as perceived by people with psychic abilities. A person’s true nature is said to be revealed by this auric field. More »

Superstitious people may consider a rabbit's foot to be a good luck charm due to centuries-old belief that this specific anatomical item provides some sort of totemic protection against harm. There is evidence that human... More »

Individuals who are interested in hanging a horseshoe in their home or office should ensure this talisman's ability to bestow good luck by hanging the shoe with its open side up, as in an upright letter U. The convention... More »