Finding an individual or business entity based on a license plate number requires a subscription to an information database or a formal request to the DMV in the state where the vehicle is registered. License plate numbe... More »

One can legally find out the owner of a car using the license plate number by asking law enforcement personnel to complete the search. More »

Checking for the owner of New Jersey license plate due to accidents, driving violations or a driver's status requires a phone call or visit to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Otherwise, it may be more difficult,... More »

Some states offer free access to your Department of Motor Vehicles', or DMV's, driving and motor vehicle records, but to get this service, you have to go in person to the appropriate state office and make the request. Mo... More »

Order a replacement license online through the website of your state's DMV by logging on and entering the license number of a current licence. Under certain conditions, replacing a driver's license online is not possible... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

Most state DMV websites provide a process called Registration Inquiry which allows vehicle owners to look up their registration information, so long as they can provide proof of identity to the site's satisfaction. These... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

Looking up a VIN number at a DMV gives valuable information, such as sale and ownership history, accident history, liens, damage from floods, improper odometer settings and whether the vehicle classifies as a lemon. Each... More »