Free email addresses are provided to users for no monetary charge. Many email address providers offer free email addresses to anyone who wants one. These providers include Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. More » Technology E-mail and can provide you with several free mailing lists for your clients. is another website that showcases free mailing lists for email marketing purposes. More »

Churches can sign up for multiple free email addresses through Google, by submitting a free nonprofit program application. If the application is accepted, the church is able to create unlimited email addresses. In additi... More » World View Religion Christianity

"Optonline webmail" or "Optimum Online Email" is a web-based email client providing email addresses to users. Messages are stored on the Optimum Online web server, indefinitely for Optimum Online standard users and indef... More »

Spam email is sent by purchasing or compiling lists of email addresses and using computerized methods of barraging the addresses with messages. Lists come from a variety of sources, including Internet chat rooms and news... More »

When an email is sent to multiple people, the phrase "undisclosed recipients" means that the email addresses of the recipients have been hidden. The method of hiding the recipients varies depending on the email client, a... More »

There is no directory of all email addresses, but people search sites and smaller email directories list some email addresses. Pipl, Intelius and Yasni are companies that offer email address searches. More »