SpanishDict has a reliable online dictionary at There are also many choices of Spanish dictionaries available in printed hard copies at bookstores, both online and brick and mortar. More » Education

A Spanish-to-English dictionary is available on, as of May 2015. The dictionary translates words and phrases either from Spanish-to-English or vice versa. The dictionary provides word definitions, forms o... More » Education

Many Christian stores, such as Trinity Christian Store, Christian Book Distributors and Family Christian Stores, sell Spanish Bible dictionaries. Customers may also purchase dictionaries for Spanish Bibles online, by pho... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books
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SpanishDict, Word Reference, and Google Translate are all useful online tools for translating words into Spanish. SpanishDict translates any English word to Spanish, while Word Reference can translate French and Portugue... More » Education

Those interested in an English dictionary with voice options can find one through mobile app stores, such as iTunes. English dictionary apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows 8/RT. Examples include English Audio... More » Education

There is no official dictionary for all Japanese kanji. However, the Dai Kan-Wa Jiten is a standard dictionary that covers most kanji, containing over 50,000 characters. There is also a small official subset of kanji kno... More » Education

Substitutes for words can be found using a dictionary or thesaurus. Dictionary entries often include cross-references to synonymous or closely related words. Definitions may provide good word substitutes within the descr... More » Education