A Social Security number is a unique sequence of digits that tracks government benefits, employment records and financial information of American citizens with different parts of an SSN denoting three separate facets of ... More » Government & Politics Social Services

A Social Security number is divided into three parts: area number, group number and serial number, according to the Social Security Administration website. The only number that provides specific information is the area n... More »

Retrieving a Social Security number requires contacting the Social Security office and presenting proof of identity. A driver's license and birth certificate are sufficient proof of identity to retrieve Social Security n... More » Government & Politics Public Records
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Social Security numbers consist of three parts: the first three digits are the area number, the second two are the group number, and the last four are the serial number. The area number represents geographical region in ... More »

The E-Verify program compares the information from an applicant’s I-9 form, including his Social Security number, to a government database to verify that he is eligible for employment. To use the program, the employee an... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Lost, stolen or damaged SSN cards can be replaced by requesting a replacement at the citizen's local Social Security office. The SSA limits a person to three replacements a year and 10 during a person's lifetime. More »

As of 2015, to qualify for Social Security benefits, one must have paid into the Social Security system for at least ten years and be at least 62 years old. Widows and widowers can receive Social Security based on the ea... More » Government & Politics Social Services