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General contractors make approximately $28.55 per hour or an annual salary that ranges between $27,000 and $119,000 including bonuses, according to PayScale, as of 2015. Salary varies according to location and length of time in the position.


As of 2014, contractors earn an average of $82,790 per year, or $39.80 per hour. Actual salary varies based upon employment location, job title and experience level.


A contractor's all risk insurance is a type of coverage that protects construction projects, such as roads, hospitals, schools, railways, airports, residential buildings, commercial buildings, weirs and theaters. Other works at the construction site are also included in the policy. All materials and


To become an independent contractor, obtain a business name to serve your clients as an entity. Fulfill the necessary legal and financial requirements, and pay all required fees. After completing all the paperwork and obtaining the business license, look for clients.


To obtain a contractor's license, determine what license applies to the job that you want to do, then sign up for and pass the state exam. You can then apply for a contractor’s license.


To choose a siding contractor, interview three candidates, find out if they have a proper insurance and license, and receive a price estimate. Ask about the warranties and guarantees that each contractor offers, and examine their portfolio. It is also helpful to ask the contractor for references and


A mechanical contractor is anyone who performs a mechanical repair, alteration or installation for a building or structure, according to the City of Boulder, Colo. The Mechanical Contractors Association of America states that mechanical contracting companies engage in plumbing, piping, heating, refr


The hourly rate for contractors varies according to what skill set or specialty the contractor has. As of January 2015, general construction laborers earn between $9.46 and $28.32 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Construction managers have a median hourly wage of $38.98.


Contractor forms available to download for free include the Central Contractor Registration Form, Sample Approved/Preferred Vendor Application Form, Sample Nondisclosure Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement and Contact Form Generic. The Office Depot website, LawDepot.com and the Entrepreneur


A contractor's bond is an insurance policy that a contractor purchases to protect a customer if the contractor fails to do everything required under the terms of the contract with the customer. The actual product that the contractor buys is called a surety bond.