Find free Bible scriptures on Bible Study Tools. The verses are from the New International Version of the Bible. More » Art & Literature Literature

Bible Gateway helps users find scriptures by offering easy searches of keywords, passages and topics in the Bible. Simply enter a word, Bible passage or topic into the search bar, choose a version of the Bible and click ... More » World View Religion The Bible

You can look up specific Bible passages on several online Bible websites, such as and These sites allow a user to look up verses by specific reference or to search for a passage by words or ph... More » World View Religion The Bible

The Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, Easton's Bible dictionary and the King James dictionary are some free Bible dictionaries that are found at Bible Study Tools. The Quick Reference dictionary, Hitch... More » World View Religion The Bible

To access a free audio version of the Catholic Bible, download an app that offers the Bible for free, such as the Roman Catholic Bible app on Google Play and the Audio Catholic Bible on iTunes, as of 2015. Both apps are ... More » Art & Literature Literature

Strong’s Concordance is available from websites such as Bible Hub and Bible Study Tools. Bible Hub publishes Strong’s Concordance indexes to both Hebrew and Greek Bibles, allowing users to look up a word in either Bible ... More » World View Religion Christianity

A speaking Bible, or talking Bible, offers an audio recording of the Bible’s text. These audiobooks can provide a dramatization of the material or a simple reading of the text. They are typically distributed as audio CDs... More » Art & Literature Literature