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There are many free people search sites that offer a basic search with only a first and last name, city and state. A search using these references will often result in a list of people with the same name that live in the same location. More details, such as a street add...


To play games without downloading, you can purchase game software that does not require an Internet connection to play. You can also play older video games that do not have an online component, or switch to tabletop gaming for an Internet-free gaming experience.


The three primary purposes of taxes are to fund the government, redistribute wealth and mitigate the negative effects of many consumer products. Without the taxation system, the government and most social services would not be able to function.


A user can unlock his phone from AT&T for free by accessing the Consumer Device Unlock section on ATT.com, entering required information and sending a request. If he meets the requirements, the user receives instructions regarding the unlocking procedure within two busi...


If you work in an at-will position, your employer can terminate you, demote you or decrease your salary at any time and for any reason, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Many employers make you sign an at-will agreement when they hire you to av...


Massachusetts laws on claiming an abandoned boat were changed by a bill sponsored by State Representative Anthony Verga in 2008, as reported in Mass.Harbormasters.org. The law, Title XIV, Chapter 91, Section 40, eliminates high costs and legal processes previously requi...


According to CBS MoneyWatch, as long as an employee is paid by the hour for work done, an employee can send that person home early without pay. An employer cannot dock the pay of an exempt employee if that employee is at work and ready and willing to work.