Oil filters are categorized by part numbers. In stores that sell oil filters, catalogs are available that allow the consumer to look up a car by make and model, providing the correct filter part number. More »

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MobilOil.com provides for a complete guide on how to install Mobil oil filters. Vehicle oil filter changes must be done in combination with oil changes. The online guide gives complete instructions for both procedures as... More »

The oil filters used in vehicles are designed to filter engine oil, not heating oil. The heating system in modern cars uses hot water from the engine's radiator and a small fan to force hot air into the passenger section... More »

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Car tune-ups may entail different actions to ensure cars run smoothly and safely, such as repairing and replacing oil and air filters, adjusting timing belts, inspecting the engine and adjusting the clutch on vehicles wi... More »

Users can search for parts using car part numbers on websites such as CarParts.com, AutoPartsNumberSearch.com and CarParts.com. These websites allow users to search part numbers for specific OEMs. Users can then select t... More »

Aside from using a car parts diagram, customers search for car parts on automotive supply retail websites by using part numbers, the name of the part or the type of part. Many sites also allow users to enter in a make, m... More »

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To find a FRAM oil filter guide, visit FRAM.com, select Oil Filters from the menu, choose a model of oil filter, and then click the Learn More button. Click the Print Instructions or Download button to view the guide for... More »

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