To find the location of a mobile phone number, use a geolocation app or service, such as Life360 or AccuTracking. These services are opt-in only and require cellphone owners to consent to having their locations disclosed... More »

To look up mobile numbers that have called, users can go to or and enter the phone number into a search bar or the tool provided. Free online cell phone directory websites like these can find... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Owners can find a stolen phone using the iPhone’s Find My Phone feature or the Android’s Device Manager function. Several third-party apps also allow Android users to find their stolen phones, including Avast Anti Theft ... More » Technology Mobile

Free GPS phone tracker apps include GPS Phone Tracker for iPhones, GPS Phone Tracker Pro for Android phones and the Real Time GPS Tracking app from Life360. All these apps are free to download and use, and they can turn ... More » Technology Mobile

Life360 is a mobile app that lets family members and friends keep in touch with each other via the app's features, such as built-in messaging, location tracking and automated alerts. It is available as a free download fo... More » Technology Mobile

To use the Great Clips mobile check-in app, select a location from the list of nearby Great Clips salons, enter your name and telephone number, and then enter the number of people in your group who plan to receive haircu... More » Technology Mobile

The main benefits of subscribing to the iTalkBB Home Phone service include access to the free iTalkBB mobile app and the use of a virtual China local number that enables users to call their relatives and friends in China... More » Technology Mobile