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Cell phone numbers may be researched on websites that offer reverse phone lookup such as PeopleSmart or SpyDialer. Such websites usually provide the contact information, such as name and address, for a service fee.


White Pages, Yellow Pages and AnyWho all offer nationwide reverse phone look up services that can be used to look up cell phone numbers free of charge. In addition, AnyWho, White Pages and Yellow Pages all provide online access to nationwide phone number directories free of charge.


Spy Dialer lets users look up cell phone numbers without any fees or membership requirements. Users can also upgrade to a paid membership to use the program's more advanced features.


Most major phone carriers allow subscribers to change their phone numbers at any time. However, the change may cost a small fee and take a certain period to materialize.


To find someone by searching a cell phone number, ask the cell phone provider representatives to trace the number or go to a cell phone lookup website. Alternatively, enter the phone number on a popular search engine to see if there is a record of the person


Two free directory assistance numbers that can be accessed by cell phone users as of 2014 include 1-800-FREE-411 and 1-800-373-3411. When dialing these numbers, users must listen to short advertisements in exchange for free information. These services are free for cell phone users if not normally ch


There are several resources available for finding free phone numbers, including the Yellow Pages, White Pages and Spokeo. The sites do not require payment for the use of basic searches.


The free website Addresses.com functions as an online phone book, allowing you to easily find phone numbers online. Simply enter the name of the person or business for which you need contact information, and the website displays the listed phone number and address.


In general, phone numbers are not free. Phone numbers are controlled by various phone companies. To have a phone number assigned to you, someone must pay for phone service. To call any phone number, an active phone service must be in use.


Random callers are sometimes scammers, ones that steal phone numbers from online databases, notes the Federal Trade Commission. These scammers call people at random to gather information, steal identities and eventually money from each person they call. The FTC updates its technology often to battle