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How do you look up your units UIC if its unknown?: In a recent issue that I've encountered, not mine but a fellow NCO, the question came up of "what is our units UIC?" Now past experience tells me I can go to other fellow NCO's, senior NCO's, S-1 and even the internet to research it, but where does the UIC stem from and how would one go about looking it up just in case trust ...


The code that represents the unit to which the member has reported for duty. If unknown, report all Z’s. Army: Report a W, the UIC, and one blank. Navy: Report an N, the UIC, and one blank. Marine Corps: Report an M, the RUC, and one blank. Air Force: Report an F, the unit portion of the PAS Code, and two blanks. Coast Guard: Report the UIC.

www.hrc.army.mil/Search.aspx?SearchText=unit identification code&CurrentTab=

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Although this may vary from unit to unit, most Brigade level S1 offices have rosters with all their battalions and respective company UICs. It can also be found in the servicemember's ERB or ORB. 14K views View 2 Upvoters


The Unit Identification Code (UIC) is a six character alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies each United States Department of Defense entity. ... For example, the parent Battalion unit for the Army will use "AA." A child Company unit, such as A Company, will use "A0." References


But all you have to do is log into MEDPROS and on the right hand side there is a lookup UIC function. Type in the UIC and *BAM* there's your unit. BUT, if you keep posting UIC's here, I will still post responses to all requests. 10/29/101:19 PM


Find contact information for the U.S. Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is a branch of the armed forces but falls under the Department of Homeland Security. Find Coast Guard stations and units. Military Academies and Colleges. Find locations and information for the military academies and military colleges. Mail Letters and Packages to Military Members


First unless you are in the Army you likely would not be able to and if you did the information would not be of any use to you: 1. the UIC is part of a system used for analysts to formulate reports concerning units and / or to route Personnel or s...


Select the desired UIC(s) using the Parent UIC field as follows: 1. On the Variable Entry screen, click the Parent UIC search help button 2. Click the row selector button for the appropriate UIC,...


The financial UIC is used for units at or above the SubOperating Budget - (Sub-OpBud) level. In the Marine Corps, when a unit is created at this level of accounting, HQMC (LP) requests a UIC from DFAS for the unit. This UIC is then used to create the “M” DODAAC, which is then loaded to the USMC financial system (SABRS).