Manulife Financial offers a variety of financial services around the world, including life insurance, long-term care services, pension products and other investment products, as Manulife Financial claims. The specific fe... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Websites such as,, and provide access to financial plan templates, as of 2015. While the latter two sites offer free downloadable templates, offers them for a fee. Each o... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

The 401(k) plans offered by the Principal Financial Group include employer-sponsored retirement packages, loans, insurance and investment management. The employee contributions to retirement plans are made on a pre-tax b... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning
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In Canada, Manulife Financial offers investment, wealth management, asset management, and banking products and services, according to Manulife. It offers life insurances such as term life, whole life, universal life and ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

The Axa Equitable Life Insurance Company provides life insurance policies, retirement services and investment products. Axa offers term, whole and universal life insurance. Axa also provides variable annuities, individua... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Manulife Financial is a Canadian financial services company operating in Canada, Asia and the United States that offers an array of group benefits programs to organizations including group term life insurance, short-term... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Manulife offers a full breadth of group health and dental benefits for employers in Canada, including pharmacy, dental, vision care, chiropractic and massage services. It also offers flexible payment options for claims, ... More » Business & Finance Insurance