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Float. In investment terms, a float is the number of outstanding shares a corporation has available for trading. If there is a small float, stock prices tend to be volatile, since one large trade could significantly affect the availability and therefore the price of these stocks.


Float is money in the banking system that is briefly counted twice due to delays in processing checks. Float is created when a bank credits a customer’s account as soon as a check is deposited ...


ADVERTISEMENTS: In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning and Sources of Float 2. Types of Float 3. Management of Float 4. Electronic Cash Management System 5. Virtual Banking. Meaning and Sources of Float: Float refers to ‘the amount of money tied up between the time a payment is initiated and cleared funds become […]


A company's float is an important number for investors because it indicates how many shares are actually available to be bought and sold by the general investing public.The company is not ...


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What is float? In accounting and bookkeeping, float is the time between the writing of a check and the time that the check clears the bank account on which it is drawn.. For example, Payer Corporation writes a check for $5,000 and mails it to a supplier on Wednesday. However, the check will not clear Payer Corporation's checking account until Monday. . Hence, Payer Corporation will have $5,000...


“Float” is a financial concept that has been used in both personal and business accounting for a long, long time. In simple terms float is the temporary double use of an asset or valuation, including money.. The most common example used to explain float involves writing a check. On Friday you write a check for $100 to Sam.


by Mikhail Vorontsov. This article discusses how to perform monetary operations in Java: what is the correct way of using double and what alternatives do we have.. Monetary operations using long/double. The easiest way to represent monetary values in financial environment is to work with the smallest currency units – for example, cents in USA, instead of normal currency unit – dollar in USA.


In the UK Public float or free float represents the portion of shares of a corporation that are in the hands of public investors as opposed to locked-in stock held by promoters, company officers, controlling-interest investors, or governments. This number is sometimes seen as a better way of calculating market capitalization because it provides a more accurate reflection (than entire market ...