An easy way to cook a filet mignon in the oven is to broil it under the broiler for five to seven minutes per side. Even more flavor is added with a few spices or perhaps a marinade. Traditional side dishes include baked... More »

A simple but highly rated recipe for seared filet mignon is available on the Food Network website. The cook seasons filet mignon with salt and pepper, then sears them on both sides in butter and olive oil over high heat.... More » Food Cooking Meat

Food Network and Williams-Sonoma both provide good recipes for bacon-wrapped filet mignon. While the Food Network recipe uses butter and olive oil, the Williams-Sonoma recipe requires truffle oil. More » Food Cooking Meat

Also known as the filet mignon, filet steak should be cooked about 8 minutes on the grill and 16 minutes under a broiler to cook it well done. Steaks that are thicker than 1/2-inch thick will take longer to cook. More »

Cooking a tender steak using a griddle involves using a tender cut of steak, such as rib-eye steak or filet mignon, drying the meat's surface, seasoning it properly, cooking it for a few minutes on each side and allowing... More »

To cook filet mignon on a charcoal grill, cook the meat uncovered using medium coals, turn once while grilling, wrap in foil after transferring to a plate, and serve after five minutes. When cooking a 1-inch cut, grill f... More » Food Cooking Meat

A 1-inch thick filet mignon should cook for 10 to 12 minutes on the grill for a medium rare steak. This cut of steak should cook on medium hot coals. More » Food Cooking Meat