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A tax return transcript can help you get a copy of your return, or help you remember if that year you did even file a tax return.


Preparing your first tax return? Learn how to file your taxes with this Better Money Habits video.


Apr 14, 2021 ... People use Form 1040 to file their annual income tax returns. This form helps you calculate your taxable income and how much you owe the IRS. It ...


Tax forms are available for free at IRS.gov, and you may need to fill out more than 1 depending on your ...


Dec 10, 2019 ... New Jersey offers two options for electronically filing state individual income tax returns: the Federal-State Modernized e-File (MeF) ...


What to do if you made a mistake on your tax return (and other reasons you ... tax breaks for 2018, go ahead and file an amended return to get a refund.


Jan 29, 2019 ... The tax filing season has officially begun – as of Jan. 28 the IRS started accepting returns for the 2018 tax year.


Feb 25, 2019 ... Your 2018 tax refund is smaller — or you owe money: 4 possible reasons why · Frustration grows as Trump tax cut affects refunds · When to file ....