To calculate cost per square foot, divide the purchase price of a house by its total square footage. For instance, if a house with 2,000 square feet sells for $180,000, the cost per square foot is $90 per square foot. More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations features a comprehensive building calculator that estimates the cost of building a new home. The square footage of the house is only one of the factors used to estimate the cost. More » Math Math Calculators

Rent per square foot is calculated by dividing the rent amount by the number of square feet rented. Using the annual rental amount produces the cost of square foot per year, while using the monthly rental amount produces... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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It's important for investors to know how to calculate the market price per share. This knowledge is important in order to determine whether stocks are being sold at a fair price. More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

According to the Internal Revenue Service, fair market value can be calculated based on the current selling price of the property, the price of comparable goods, the cost to replace the item or the opinion of experts on ... More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

To estimate the cost of a walkway as of 2015, calculate the total square footage of the path by multiplying the length times the width, and then multiply that figure by $4 to $6 per square foot for a plain concrete walkw... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

The average residential building costs for Sidney, Ohio, range from $52 to $88 per square foot based on an average square footage of 2,500 and 2012 Sidney new house construction data. reported a 2013 national av... More » Business & Finance Real Estate