provides a list of the California jumbo home loan limits by county. The chart provides the loan limits for Federal Housing Administration loans and the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac conforming loan limits for each ... More »

The debt-to-income limit for a Federal Housing Administration loan is 31 percent for the mortgage and 43 percent for the mortgage plus all other installment and revolving debt. These limits are designed to prevent buyers... More »

The Federal Housing Administration loan limits for California vary by city and county. For example, the FHA loan limits for one-family residences in San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward in Alameda County are $625,500, according... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

A jumbo mortgage is a home loan that is more than the conforming home loan limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, says Bankrate. As of 2014, the threshold of a jumbo mortgage varies from $417,000 to $625,500 depending... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

A jumbo mortgage is any home loan that exceeds the current conforming financing limits set forth by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, according to Bankrate. The current conforming loan amount across most of the United States is... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

The 2015 FHA loan limits in Spokane County, Washington, are $271,050 for a single-family unit, $347,000 for a two-family unit, $419,425 for a three-family unit and $521,250 for a four-family unit, as stated by the U.S. D... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

A jumbo loan is a large mortgage for a home or property that exceeds a certain amount. These types of loans are usually used to purchase high-value single family homes that require a home loan that is higher than the lim... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending