According to NetDoctor, the least fertile time of the month for women is typically just before they menstruate, while they menstruate and just after they menstruate. The middle part of the menstrual cycle is, on the othe... More » Science Human Anatomy

Fertile cervical mucus, which occurs just before ovulation, typically lasts between three and four days, according to the Mayo Clinic. Women that are trying to conceive can monitor their cervical mucus patterns to identi... More » Health Women's Health Reproductive Anatomy

According to WebMD, the chance of a healthy woman getting pregnant during the fertile period of her cycle is between 15 and 25 percent. This figure assumes that the woman is actively trying to have a child. More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy
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Body hair varies among women, though the hair on a woman's chest, abdomen, back, upper lip and chin tends to be fine and light in color. Hirsutism may make hairs in those regions thicker or darker-colored, according to t... More » Science Human Anatomy

According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are two ways that a woman can become pregnant with more than one child at a time, either multiple eggs are fertilized at the same time, or one fertilized egg divides... More » Science Human Anatomy

Suzanne Somers advises that once women hit perimenopause, the time around which a woman begins transitioning to infertility, they should begin to eat healthier and exercise. Somers also argues that pollutants and toxins ... More » Art & Literature

An interesting fact about the index finger is that in a man its length tends to be shorter than the ring finger when compared to a woman's index finger. When someone uses the index finger in a curled position to beckon a... More » Science Human Anatomy