Landlords who accept FEPS can advertise acceptance of FEPS and request paperwork to prove a potential renter qualifies for the program. FEPS is a New York state housing supplement designed to provide rental support for f... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

The Family Eviction Prevention Supplement, or FEPS, helps tenants who qualify with financial assistance to keep the tenant from eviction. The supplement provides rental assistance for up to five years. More » Government & Politics Social Services

The Coalition for the Homeless explains that the Family Eviction Prevention Subsidy, or FEPS, is a program in the state of New York, so all apartments do not qualify for FEPS. Only families living in apartments within th... More » Government & Politics Law
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Tenants can file complaints of housing discrimination against landlords online at using the Housing Discrimination Complaint program, reports the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. They can file co... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

No, some states, cities and towns require landlords to accept Housing Choice Vouchers through the Section 8 program while others do not. In these areas it is a landlord's choice whether to take part in this program. More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Landlords pursue a Writ of Possession for reasons such as failure of the tenant to pay rent, violating terms of the lease, or remaining on the property after the lease expiration, explains LegalZoom. The Writ is typicall... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Landlords wishing to protect their investment should ask potential tenants questions regarding the tenants' monthly income, the number of people expected to live in the home or apartment and if they have ever been evicte... More » Business & Finance Real Estate