The femur is located between the pelvis (hip bone) and the knee. It is the only bone in the human thigh and comprises half of the hip joint and half of the knee joint. More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

The femur is another name for the thigh bone, according to InnerBody. The Latin name for the femur is the os femoris, as stated by Anatomy Atlases. More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

Bone tumors often cause bumps on the femur bone, according to Healthline. Tumors are either benign, which means noncancerous, or malignant, meaning cancerous. Benign bone tumors grow but do not spread to other areas of t... More » Health Conditions & Diseases
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The coxal, or hip bone consists of the pubis, the ilium, and the ischium, as reported by Teach Me Anatomy. Those three bones are distinct and separate at birth but fuse together as people enter young adulthood. More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

The medical term for the hip bone is "os coxa," or the innominate bone. The plural form is "os coxae." These large, flattened bones form the sides of the pelvis, one on each side of the sacrum. More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

The medial condyle is one of the two protrusions on the bottom end of the femur that help form the knee joint, according to the University of Glasgow Laboratory of Human Anatomy. The femur is the thigh bone, explains Hea... More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

The kneecap, also called the patella, is found in front of the knee joint, which is the junction between the femur, the upper leg bone, and the tibia, the lower leg bone. Flanking the kneecap are the medial epicondyle of... More » Science Human Anatomy Bones