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Galleries of female tattoo art are available from Free Tattoo Designs and Girl-Tattoos.com. Tattoo Johnny is another source for female tattoo art galleries and ideas.


Tattoo galleries can be found at Tattoo Design and Check Out My Ink. These resources have a number of tattoos in a variety of colors and designs.


In order to turn yourself into a female tattoo gallery, you need to have as many tattoos as possible. Some women choose to fill their entire body with tattoo designs.


As of August 2014, snake tattoo photos are available at Tattoo Johnny and Tattoo Easily. The galleries feature both animated versions of snakes and snake tattoos that look similar to the actual animal.


As of 2016, TattoosMe.com, FreeTattooDesigns.org, TattooTon.com, GetTattooIdeas.com and DesignATattoo.com have galleries of dragon tattoos. These sites feature pictures of actual tattoos on male and female bodies and some include drawings of dragon tattoo ideas.


Back tattoos that women prefer include flowers, butterflies and feathers. The back creates a surface for extensive body art, and the tattoo can easily be hidden with clothing.


There are no accredited universities or colleges as of 2014 that specialize in tattoo art. However, many schools offer tattooing classes. To become a tattoo artist, there is no degree requirement.