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Decongestants are cold and flu medicines that help relieve sinus congestion or a clogged nose, while antihistamines are likely effective in managing drainage symptoms, such as watery eyes, postnasal drip and a runny nose, according to WebMD. Naproxen, ibuprofen and acet...


According to WebMD, sick people should not starve a fever; they should eat foods high in antioxidants and protein. Chicken soup may help with nasal congestion and make mucus easier to cough out.


Depending on the level of hydration, humans can survive without food for up to 60 days, according to the Public Library of Science. Death typically occurs in 10 to 14 days in patients in a persistent vegetative state who no longer receive sustenance, says Scientific Ame...


One example of a home remedy for a cold is to inhale steam to soothe nasal congestion. Another example of a home treatment for the common cold or flu is to make a saline nasal spray, says WebMD.


According to the world health rankings, Haiti has the highest death rate due to malnutrition. Asia and the Pacific, however, have the most starving people, with more than 550 million people not getting adequate food.


Starvation spurs the body into a metabolic states called ketosis, which means that it begins breaking down its own fat stores for energy, according to Lecia Bushak for Medical Daily. When there is no longer any fat available to be burned for fuel, the body begins to bre...


The amount of weight that a person can lose through fasting or starving varies for each individual. The problem with this weight loss method is that it is completely inefficient, according to Medfit Medical Weight Loss. Instead of dropping pounds quickly, the body's met...