The following grant programs are made available by the government for nursing: Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship; Advanced Nursing Education; Advanced Nursing Education Expansion; Faculty Development: Integrated Tec... More »

Grants available for nursing students include federal grants and scholarships such as the Nursing Scholarship Program and grants by institutions such as the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, the American Associati... More »

Find grants for nursing students by checking with the National Health Services Corps, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Foundation, the American Association of ... More »

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There are practice tests available for the licensed practical nurse entrance exam available at ATI. ATI Nursing Education is an organization that helps students learn what they need to specialize in the nursing field. More »

Obtain a nursing licence through the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing by completing a qualifying nursing program at an in-state or out-of-state educational institution, submitting a Nursing Education Verification Form withi... More »

You can enroll in a nursing assistant program by contacting the American Red Cross, a premier provider of Nursing Assistant Training. You can also enroll in certification programs at local community colleges and medical ... More »

A high school nursing program can be a program of courses that prepares students to apply to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs or a Certified Nursing Assistant program taught at a high school. High school nur... More »