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General contractors make approximately $28.55 per hour or an annual salary that ranges between $27,000 and $119,000 including bonuses, according to PayScale, as of 2015. Salary varies according to location and length of time in the position.


Contractors commonly used by the federal government include those in the defense industry, information technology, telecommunications, engineering and consulting. Some of the companies which received the most money in federal contracts in 2014 were Lockheed Martin, Hewlett-Packard, Raytheon, Verizon


The federal government performs a number of functions, including maintaining national security, establishing trade agreements with foreign nations, initiating national infrastructure projects and determining the value of currency.The federal government has only those powers specifically granted to i


The federal government, under the powers of the U.S. Constitution, is given the power to make laws, veto laws, oversee foreign policy and national defense, impose tariffs, impeach officials, enter into treaties, interpret the Constitution, interpret laws and revise laws that allow one state to imped


A federal system of government is defined as a union of partially self-governing states or regions under a central government, with powers usually assigned to each by a constitution. Neither the states nor the federal body acting alone can change the constitution.


Obtain a job as a government contractor overseas by applying for a qualifying position through sites such as Indeed.com, Aerotek-Government-Services.com, FederalGovernmentJobs.us and ClearanceJobs.com, as of 2015. Each site offers positions that deal with a variety of specialties, ranging from logis


A federal system of government works by dividing the powers between two levels of government. Powers are assigned on the national level, but states also have specific powers.


One power granted to the federal government is the ability to declare war. The power to declare war is granted to the national government through the Constitution. The Constitution affords the national government the right to declare war along with several other duties and reserves some rights to st


A contractor's all risk insurance is a type of coverage that protects construction projects, such as roads, hospitals, schools, railways, airports, residential buildings, commercial buildings, weirs and theaters. Other works at the construction site are also included in the policy. All materials and


To become an independent contractor, obtain a business name to serve your clients as an entity. Fulfill the necessary legal and financial requirements, and pay all required fees. After completing all the paperwork and obtaining the business license, look for clients.