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In 2014, the United States federal government employed 4,185,000 people. This number includes uniformed military personnel. Not including uniformed military personnel, the federal government employs 2,726,000 people. These numbers are compiled from total end-of-year employment data submitted by 113


The U.S. Office of Personnel Management and the U.S. Department of State disclose salaries of federal employees on OPM.gov and State.gov, respectively. The latter website specifically contains salaries of federal foreign service employees.


Federal employees receive pay on a varied schedule based on the practice of the particular federal agency where the employee works. According to the Office of Personnel Management, each federal agency is different and the schedule of payment dates for federal public servants is determined by the ind


Jobs held by federal employees may include administrative and clerical roles throughout various departments, security guards at major national landmarks and government offices, and analyst positions within defense or legislative sectors. Other jobs include screening agents with the Transportation Se


Compare federal employee health-benefit plans by evaluating the amount paid for each visit, the selection of providers employees can use and the payment options for health services, says the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Also consider the amount of paperwork required, if any, to file claims.


Federal government employees can apply for loans for emergency situations by mailing or faxing the application available on the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund website, notes the agency. They can also apply for loans against their Thrift Savings Plan accounts with Form TSP-20, though


According to the CATO Institute and citing 2014 Bureau of Labor statistics, the average salary of a federal employee is just over $84,000, as of 2015. For the executive branch alone, wages and benefits of federal employees cost over $260 billion.


FedSmith.com offers a service through fedsdatacenter.com that lists federal employees' names and salaries. The names of federal employees are listed alphabetically, and the list is searchable by employee name, location, agency or occupation. Information is available back to fiscal year 2010 and incl


Those who work for the United States Postal Service are federal employees. They get the same benefits and compensation as others who work for the federal government.


Retired federal employees receive benefits from Social Security, a basic pension plan and a thrift savings plan, according to the Office of Personnel Management. Social Security and pension contributions are automatically withheld from the employee's pay. The employee determines the amount of thrift